Oya~Pathfinding associates -- coaches, consultants, facilitators, and specialists -- work with a client through a process of cultivating and realizing his or her aspirations, goals, and objectives.


Success Strategy: Excavate, Align, Catalyze, Enrich. Throughout the Oya~Pathing process of discovery and discernment, we will explore and identify how you have metabolized experiences, what has brought you joy, work to understand your dreams and aspirations, assess needs, and the context of current challenges you are experiencing. Through the Oya~Pathing Series, we will design a blend of tools and techniques to facilitate the excavation of new possibilities, define and cultivate your space of belonging and meaningfulness, develop your center or core-systems in constructing your "shift" -- achieving your goals and means to sustain the change you wish to be.



   ~ JTalbott, PhD, NCC

   Founder and Chief Creative Officer

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This website is NOT intended to replace or be a substitute for counselling. It may play a role in helping you prepare for counselling , reaching out for help, or answer some questions you may have about various issues, concerns, or behaviors.