Preamble: About Oya~Pathing(TM)


What is Oya?

 Objectives catalyzed by Your Aspirations.


Meanings. The term oya is culturally rich with dynamic meanings. In Native American (Miwok), oya means called forth and is also said to mean to name (to call). Oya is also recognized as a common feminine Turkish given name meaning lace--intricately and beautifully woven, interpreted as that which is intricately woven, entwines, weaves together, tethers to support. In Swahili, oya means handful; in Japanese, oya means parent(s).  In Yoruba mythology, Oya is a recognized goddess, a warrior-spirit that will take a person through the dark and turmoil, to ultimately point them to the light of hope. Oya represents absolute change for the good, of transitioning--that of inner and outer transformation.  Oyas (plural) also denotes an ancient form of localized plant irrigation, a self-sustaining system called 'ollas' (pronounced oyas) that allow roots to consume what they need, as needed. Given there are varied pronunciations, Oya~Pathfinding pronounces oya as "oh-ya",  denoting it is time--we are called forth to explore your goals and the intricately woven objectives catalyzed by your aspirations.


What We Do. Oya~Pathing associates -- coaches, consultants, facilitators, and specialists -- work with a client through the process of cultivating and realizing his or her aspirations, goals, and objectives.


Success Strategy: Excavate, Align, Catalyze, Enrich. Throughout the Oya~Pathing process of discovery and discernment, we will explore and identify how you have metabolized experiences, what has brought you joy, work to understand your dreams and aspirations, and assess growth needs as well as the context of current challenges you are experiencing. Through the Oya~Pathing Series, we will design a blend of tools and techniques to facilitate the excavation of new possibilities, define and cultivate your space of belonging and meaningfulness, develop your center or core-systems in constructing your "shift" -- achieving your goals and means to sustain the change you wish to be.


Jamesena Talbott, PhD, DM, NCC

Founder, Chief Creative Officer


For the Client. As the Founder, CEO-Chief Creative Officer, I focus on the process of cultivating relationships for ongoing collaboration and creating tools and strategies to enhance Oya's overall pathing programs. I work to hold this space for your enhancement, enrichment, enlivenment.  Oya~Pathfinding was created so you have a center to work within, a safe space to explore and take those initial steps--or next step--to dare greatly.

BTW: If you have not read Dr. Brené Brown's book, Daring Greatly, I highly recommend you add it to your reading list. You can also catch up on her work via YouTube. But more to come on great reads and must see videos! For now, to get you started, check out her reading guide Daring Greatly: It's Not the Critic Who Counts!

For Growth & Diversification. With a focus on the growth and diversification of Oya~Pathfinding, I mindfully seek coaches and specialist-practitioners who want to help client's realize dreams, cultivate design-plans and strategies, coach each client to the success he or she envisions, or thrive through the challenges of transitioning or repositioning. I seek those who heard "no" as an opportunity, not as a point to disengage. Interested, willing, able? Email your letter of interest to Oya~Pathfinding at


About: Dr. Jamie Talbott 


I earned a PhD in human development and a Doctor  of Management in organizational leadership; with master's degrees in human development, counseling, and international affairs. I am also a certified counselor through the National Board of Certified Counselors in the US. Through studies in advanced counseling techniques, my attention was drawn specifically to focusing on anxiety and stress stemming from career transitioning, unplanned repositioning, the internalization of toxic work environments. and techniques for application to coaching--particularly, today, application of appreciative inquiry in appreciative coaching.


To augment my professional development, I completed the time management and principle-centered leadership series through The Covey Institute, and earned certification in the FORTÉ Institute™ Interpersonal Communication Solution system. Post completing the Fundamentals of NeuroLeadership through the NeuroLeadership Institute, I continued to explore applying neuroleadership theory and practices to the classroom, counseling, coaching, and mentoring.


I am a member of the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society under the Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education (ACMHE), the American Counseling Association (ACA) and the ACA divisions--the Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development and the Association for Adult Development and Aging; and I am a professional member of The Center for Mindful Eating™. Having lived most of my adult life within the spectrum of eating disorders to BED, I have undertaken this area of research; taken the pledge supporting Health at Every Size® and the work of the Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH); earned certificates as a Creating Health Educator and in the Fundamentals of NeuroLeadership. I am a member of the Gerontological Society of America (primary focus on Behavioral & Social Sciences and secondary focus on Academy of Gerontological Studies in Higher Education), an associate member of the CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution and a member of the International Leadership Association (in the ILA, has served as a reader/reviewer of proposals for presentations, panels, workshops in these areas; and a presenter in the area of social entrepreneurship); and, I continue as a member of the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD).


With over twenty-five years in higher education and five years combined experience as an LTQ trainer, I continue my work as an educator in the areas of leadership development, organizational development, collaboration and collaborative approaches, the coordinated management of meaning (CMM), and social entrepreneurship with attention to future thinking and decision making, emotional enfoldment, human work, and change.  I focus this experience, my journey, to:

  • Facilitate learning and reflexivity

  • Offer online webinars as well as in-person workshops and retreats to raise awareness around health, aging and longevity spanning generations and diverse populations

  • Catalyze positive dialog and collaboration--asking and seeking answers or new directions through attention to powerful questions

  • Customize professional development opportunities to specialized needs

  • Qualitative analysis/research focused on women in midlife --currently focused on eating disorders, the ecology of care, the value and meaningfulness of contemplative practices, and cultivating interprofessional collaborative approaches


With a focus in qualitative research, creative analysis, creativity and innovation throughout the realm of human experience and our living and work environments, I endeavor to work with select colleagues offering focused, mindful, varied perspectives and positive approaches. With a select group of practitioners, this work endeavors to integrate creativity and cultivate collaboration in the development of our multiple human intelligences~body, mind, heart, and spirit~and catalyze human potential.

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Oya~Path Coaches, Consultants, Facilitators, and Specialists


Interested in contributing to a seminar series, workshop, webinar, cafe dialogue and conversations, or retreat? Able to provide specialized veterinarian or behavioral/transitional training for the array of pet-parents, their pets or service-animals noted above? Send an email that serves as your letter of interest and a brief proposal to get the ideas percolating and process started!

Interested in collaborative relationship with Oya~Pathfinding, facilitating a workshop, seminar, series, etc.? Interested in your service, organization or program appear on this website?

Email letter of interest:

O: 1-412-729-2OYA (2692)

F:  1-123-456-7890


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