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The Center for Mindful Eating [Online Webinars; Professional Directory]

Excerpts from TCME website: “The Center for Mindful Eating (TCME) is a member-supported, nonprofit international organization. Our mission is to help people achieve a balanced, respectful, healthy and joyful relationship with food and eating. TCME’s provides resources for educating professionals, institutions, and individuals in the principles and practices of mindful eating.”

“Mindfulness is the capacity to bring full attention and awareness to one’s experience, in the moment, without judgment. Mindful Eating brings mindfulness to food choice and the experience of eating. Mindful eating helps us become aware of our thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations related to eating, reconnecting us with our innate inner wisdom about hunger and satiety.”

“The Center for Mindful Eating has a wealth of resources for people wishing to learn about mindful eating and begin a mindful eating practice.” These resources include 


The Chopra Center: Health and Wellbeing (Carlsbad, CA)

Excerpts from The Chopra Center website on Health and Wellness: “Too often we lose sight of our own health and well-being. We dedicate our time and energy to our jobs, to our commitments, and to other people, often to the detriment of ourselves. And when we do notice a decline in our well-being, it’s tempting to look for a quick fix to correct the imbalance and bring us back to health. But in truth, wellness is a journey. It’s an ever-evolving practice that requires conscious engagement. Placing meaningful attention on our own wellness sometimes requires that we take a step back. In doing so, we’re able to gain the perspective to better survey our current place on the journey and can determine how to get where we’d like to be.”

 “Chopra Center wellness retreats are guided by Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old holistic healing system from ancient India meaning “the knowledge of life span” in Sanskrit. Ayurveda teaches that health is more than just the absence of disease—it is a dynamic state of vibrant balance. It believes in finding and healing the root cause of any illness or imbalance, rather than just treating the symptoms. Following Ayurvedic principles, our wellness retreats provide you with personalized guidance to cleanse and heal your entire being. You’ll receive private consultations with our expert staff, and customized spa treatments designed for your specific dosha, or unique mind-body type.” For more information, see: Experience Perfect Health, Personalized Regimen at the Mind-Body Medical Group, and study the contemplative practices of Yoga and Meditation. Online workshops and teacher certifications are also available.

Radiant Recovery® (Addictive Nutrition Solutions; Sugar Sensitivity/Sugar Addiction)

[Online/Internet-based meeting rooms and groups; Individual and Group/Retreat Options]

Excerpts from Radiant Recovery website: “In 1988, Dr. Kathleen DesMaisons founded Radiant Recovery®. Dr. DesMaisons is recognized for starting the field of addictive nutrition (1996). “As the biochemical understanding of sugar sensitivity and sugar addiction has evolved,” Dr. DesMaisons is credited for inspiring, "hope in hundreds of thousands worldwide who have suffered from alcoholism, sugar addiction, depression, eating disorders, and the complexities of parenting" (Radiant Recovery, 2018). Radiant Recovery® hosts an online international community dedicated to healing unbalanced sugar sensitivity.”

“The 7 Steps of Radiant Recovery® are designed to heal your brain and addiction to sugar. Connecting with others will help throughout your process. You can connect via joining a forum, an online group, or making social connections with people in your area. Interactive groups include: a community forum, weight loss chat, a radiant fitness group (community members who want to engage in healthy exercise and sports), the radiant table group (community who want to come together to talk about food and cooking and healing), and the radiant depression group (a support group for sugar sensitive people dealing with depression.”

Living. There is a radiant living group for community members who want to learn how to live as they move towards radiance. “The stability of your food and the steps will form a foundation to bring you into a new way of living. We will talk about emotional sobriety, finding passion in your life, disarming things that get in the way, program maturation and, of course, spirituality.” At the time of this compilation, the Radiant Recovery website notes there is an annual $99 fee for membership in this group.  Membership will give you what you need to master this new way of being. Your membership will include:

  • People who understand and mentor you

  • A dedicated list on Yahoo with direct access to Dr. DesMaisons

  • Access to a dedicated chat held at 2 different times each week

  • Access to classes specific to the topics discussed in The Radiant Living Chats”