Contemplative Practices Tree.jpg

Contemplative Practices include
Stillness Practices

Ritual/Cyclical Practices

Movement Practices

Relational Practices

Creative Practices

Activist Practices

Generative Practices

Members of the Contemplative Mind in Society have described what the term "contemplative practices" means to them. Click here to watch their contribution to understanding "practice."

For more about the Contemplative Tree figure, watch the The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society Webinar (approx 50-min)

In this interactive webinar with the Tree’s creator, Maia Duerr, you’ll learn about the inspiration and story behind the concept, as well as ways to use it with colleagues, students–even yourself. You’ll learn how to use the Tree to explore: - What is a “practice” and how can it change your life? - Why are the roots the most important part of this Tree? - What are the 7 branches of the Tree, and what kinds of practices are on each branch? - What practices resonate with you? How can you begin integrating them into your daily life?