All Things Large & Giant Breed

Oya~Enrichment Series:

                           A QoL Hub for LB & GB Pawrents

This section is dedicated to those of us with the gentle giants, those who have served, those who protect or are a service dog, and those who are just happy to lay on your bed, sofa, or wherever they find their niche. Created to be a resource portal and share great finds for pawrents or anyone considering adopting a large or giant breed canine. Yes, they start small--then, WOW ... or, WOOF!

You will be amazed when you hear that first bark (seriously).

Check back in January 2020. Join the mailing list to receive updates.

For now, check out Oya's Vision Boards and Mindful Living--Pets: Unconditional Love. Also, look into the work at the Warrior Dog Foundation -- yes, understand the diverse perspectives and concerns with regard to dogs-in-service (with the military or the police). Nonetheless, they have served and need love, belly rubs, and a-forever home to live out their lives.

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